Meet our Winners

In 2018, Blue Bio Value brought together 13 startups from 7 different nationalities, for its 1st edition here in Portugal.


After an 8 week bootcamp and a final pitch, participants Hoekmine, SEAentia and Undersee were named the edition’s startup winners, each receiving a prize of 15,000€ to be used through BlueBio Alliance’s Blue Demo Network.


The Blue Demo Network brings together a series of infrastructures and services in Portugal, making essential services accessible for blue tech based startups and SME's. The Blue Demo Network is another reason why Portugal is a growing hub for blue based entrepreneurs. 


2018 Edition





BLUEMATER is a Portuguese company that has developed an innovative Waste Water Treatment Plant, based on biological processes - ALGAMATER WWTP. It is an innovative and cost-efficient WWTP and it uses a disruptive process when compared to existing WWTP based on biological processes without the use of chemicals. It includes the cultivation of microalgae in the exclusive GREEN DUNE® Photobioreactors, responsible for the tertiary and final treatment of the wastewater. BLUEMATER developed also the CORK FLOATING ISLAND®  that can be used on hydroponics, bioremediation and habitat recovery.




B'ZEOS is a Norwegian startup that strives to replacing plastic naturally by using material made of sea-weed. The first product they have developped is a drinking straw that’s completely degradable, eatable and contents no sugar.
The company's slogan is simple: Eat it, Bite it or Let it. But at the end, YOU make it disappear.



ENDOBIOS® R&D is a Portuguese startup dedicated to bioactive drug discovery and consulting in microbial natural products research. The company is developing a microbial research project focused on bioactive natural products derived from a marine fungus that was isolated from a sponge. R&D has identified a high potential lead for a drug to use against neuropathy.



FUTURALGA is a Spanish startup that is developing a line of biodegradable quality products using macroalgae as a raw material. Its main goal is to accelerate the reduction in the consumption of disposable plastic products. It is an eco-friendly, organic and biodegradable alternative, which stands out for being innovative, underexploited and has the potential to replace the current single-use plastic containers.




HOEKMINE is a Dutch SME with expertise in the analysis, genetic modification, preservation and application of structural colour derived from nature, in particular within microbiology. Hoekmine is creating new and improved colours in bacteria, with the underlying structures to be copied into other materials to displace or disrupt conventional pigment-based processes. Hoekmine is creating and patenting a design method based around screening iridescent bacteria to identify new optical structures with regard to novelty, utility and manufacturability.

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LUSALGAE is a Portuguese new marine biotechnology company operating on the basis of eco-sustainable use of marine elements. The company's mission is to develop sustainable marine biotechnology in an environment that is beneficial to innovation and bioremediation. The company explores and processes marine organisms in an Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture system (IMTA), with a main focus on marine algae, that it uses as a basis for dermo-cosmetic products. Lusalgae has created its own dermo-cosmetic brand - Sealgae®.



MadeInSea is a Portuguese company dedicated to the development of high-quality marine products based on innovation and in the sustainable use of the Ocean. The company's focus is on the research and manufacture of the novel polysaccharide ulvan, taking advantage of the algae's unique chemical versatility and remarkable biological features (antioxidant, antitumoral, antiviral). Ulvan will be extracted from seaweeds produced with organic fish and mollusks in an Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture system (IMTA) with a circular economy approach.




PENWAVE is a Portuguese startup that resulted from a spin-off of the School of Tourism and Technology of the Sea/IPL. Located in Peniche, the company produces several species of microalgae and zooplankton in an indoor recirculation system. The company also does consulting services for the installation and development of production systems for microalgae, zooplankton and bivalves.




SEAentia is a Portuguese aquaculture startup aiming to provide high-quality sustainable and traceable seafood by combining novel engineering of land-based recirculating water technology with scientific research into rearing and growth. The technology will be applied to culture meagre: a fast growing, highly nutritious, and palatable fish that is increasingly demanded by global markets. These fish will be grown under optimal conditions with minimal environmental impact.




SEAGRASS Tech Private Limited is a startup from India that produces dry algal biomass from marine algae solving three major problems faced by algae producers today: sustainability (seawater), productivity and scalability issues. Seagrass Technologies has developed a harvesting technology platform that uses non-potable water, such as seawater, and non-arable tsunami affected land to grow marine micro algae. Our Platform captures carbon dioxide in open raceway ponds which provide us with renewable solutions that can improve people’s lives and make the planet more green and sustainable.



TILAMUR is a Spanish SME that has developed an innovative fish feed solution, contributing to decreasing the dependence of the aquaculture sector on marine resources. The commitment to sustainability, traceability and quality of the final product are the main concerns of the company. TILAMUR also explores a cultivation of vegetables, algae and fish in the same enclosed environment, resulting in a perfect symbiosis between aquaculture and hydroponics, generating a 100% sustainable food.




UNDERSEE is a Portuguese technology company that developed a plug-and-play integrated solution to monitor and collect aquaculture data, that is scalable and easy to use (hardware sensor and cloud-based dashboard), coupled with numerical models and IoT tools. Undersee technology is applicable to a variety of underwater uses, namely boats, bridges and buoys, being aquaculture the main target. Undersee plug-and-play sensors provide real-time data to a cloud system, allowing real-time assessment of critical variables (such as pH, pollutants, temperature, oxygen or salinity levels) and automated alarms in case of anomaly.




VETIK  is an Estonian startup developing healthy and natural algae-based compounds for the cosmetic and food industries. The first products are a red seaweed extract and a red colorant with antioxidant and antiaging properties. This opportunity comes from an exclusive access to a wild red seaweed (Furcellaria lumbricalis) which the company extracts in a sustainable process.