The Program


Tackling today’s greatest societal challenges, by harnessing the power of the ocean…


Now, more than ever, the world is looking to science and innovation to provide solutions to critical problems facing the planet. From feeding a growing population, to climate change mitigation and adaptation, it is crucial that we work towards a more resilient future.

Blue Bio Value Startup Accelerator aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable blue economy. We seek out innovative startups working to be a part of this new paradigm, providing them with the tools, network and guidance to bring their blue solutions to the market.

We are looking for applications from around the world with projects that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology-based projects. 


Join us in the mission to accelerate the transition to a global, sustainable blue bioeconomy and promote a healthy and productive ocean for all.

Our Ambition

We believe this emerging blue bioeconomy will play a leading role in tackling some of the most critical societal challenges the planet is facing by contributing to positive impact solutions in several areas. The 2020 edition is looking for ocean-based solutions in the areas of:


Feeding a growing population & ensuring sustainable food systems


Enhancing health &



Mitigation and adaptation to climate change


Addressing resource scarcity & preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity


Empowering a circular bioeconomy growth model


Reducing plastic production & pollution

We welcome other ocean-based ideas or technologies that positively impact people and the planet.




Call Open

15th July

Call Closed

Sep 29th - Oct 23rd


Oct 29th

Final Pitch Day

What to expect?

What do startups get from the program?


We will help you define your market strategy, guiding you towards your product-market-fit. 



Workshops, talks, and weekly discussions on relevant topics, designed to help you and to support the different stages of your startup.



You will find a roster of amazing international mentors ranging from executives and startup founders to investors who will give you support along the way.



The program comprises a set of benefits that will help you along the process that will make your project a success.



The program will award the best startup or startups on the Final Pitch Day.



After the program we will still be there for you.

Startup Application Guideline

Blue Bio Value looks for aspiring and committed entrepreneurs that are able to develop commercially viable projects along the value chain of marine bioresources.


We are looking for Startups at prototype, launch stages or above, TRL 5-7, SMEs aiming to develop a new product line, and/or teams with projects that can demonstrate high potential to rapidly scale up to viable market applications.


We require a team of at least two and a maximum of four people fully dedicated to participating in the 6 week program, committed to active involvement in the bootcamps, mentorship sessions and in completing all program deliverables.


When assessing the overall potential of your startup, we focus on the quality of your team and background, your technology’s potential, your business model and strategy, as well as the size and accessibility of your market. All products or services accelerated by Blue Bio Value must ensure sustainable use of the ocean.

Why Portugal?

Political Aspects

  • Public policies and local authorities focused on Blue Growth

  • Public and governmental support and incentives for the Blue Economy



  • Biggest maritime area in the EU

  • Extensive coast line and 2 Atlantic archipelagos



  • Seamounts with rich marine biodiversity

  • Deep sea coral reefs

Abundance of Raw Materials

  • World's third largest consumer of seafood per capita

  • Developed fish processing industry 



  • More than 50 scientific centres of marine research

  • Experience in marine biotechnology for investigation purposes


More mentors to be confirmed in the next few weeks!