The Program

We believe that new, innovative marine bio resources industries are emerging, changing the old maritime economies of the past into a new paradigm of a natural resources friendly blue economy. This economy will be critical to the sustainability of the oceans and seas, preserving them for the next generations and this program is a contribution to accelerate its development. We are seeking innovative projects that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology based projects. 


Come and join us in Portugal to launch your solution to the world! 


We are looking for applications from across the globe to join us in the mission to accelerate the transition to a global and sustainable blue bioeconomy while promoting a productive and healthy ocean.

Our Ambition

We believe the blue bio economy will have a leading role tackling some of the most critical societal challenges the planet is facing by contributing to positive impact solutions in several areas. The 2020 edition is looking for ocean-based solutions in the areas of:

You are welcome to present other ocean-based ideas or technologies that demonstrate positive impact on society


Coming soon!

What to expect?

What do startups get from the program?

Startup Application Guideline

The Blue Bio Value program wants to attract aspiring and committed entrepreneurs that are able to develop commercially viable projects along the value chain of marine bioresources.


We are looking for Startups at prototype or launch stages or above, TRL 5-7, SMEs aiming to develop a new product line, and/or teams with projects that can demonstrate high potential to rapidly scale up to viable market applications.


We require a team of at least two and a maximum of four people who must be ready to move to Portugal for these 5 weeks with completely full dedication and commitment to the bootcamps, deliverables, mentorship sessions, events and fieldtrips.


When assessing the overall potential of your startup, we focus on the quality of your team and background, the potential of your technology, your business model and strategy, as well as the size and accessibility of your market. Also, all products or services accelerated by Blue Bio Value must ensure sustainable use of the ocean.

Why Portugal?

Political Aspects

  • Public policies and local authorities focused on Blue Growth

  • Public and governmental support and incentives for the Blue Economy



  • Biggest maritime area in the EU

  • Extensive coast line and 2 Atlantic archipelagos



  • Seamounts with rich marine biodiversity

  • Deep sea coral reefs

Abundance of Raw Materials

  • World's third largest consumer of seafood per capita

  • Developed fish processing industry 



  • More than 50 scientific centres of marine research

  • Experience in marine biotechnology for investigation purposes


More mentors to be confirmed in the next few weeks!