Rules and Regulation


I. Introduction 

1. This regulation establishes the access terms, rights and obligations of entrepreneurs and startups participating in the 3rd edition of the Blue Bio Value acceleration program.  

2. The Blue Bio Value is an acceleration program promoted by the Oceano Azul Foundation and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and organized by FABSTART - Fábrica de Startups, S.A. in collaboration with Bluebio Alliance.

3. The 3rd edition of the Blue Bio Value Program has a duration of 6 weeks – 29th September to 29th October 2020.

4. Due to the constraints caused by COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the 3rd edition of the Blue Bio Value will be held online. 


II. Description and objectives of the Blue Bio Value 

1. The Blue Bio Value mission is to accelerate the transition to a global and sustainable blue bioeconomy, capable of serving multiple industries while promoting a productive and healthy ocean, by contributing to the emergence of competitive and innovative businesses operating in the marine bioresources value chain.  
2. The Blue Bio Value acceleration program helps entrepreneurs creating and shaping commercially viable and sustainable businesses. The program seeks solutions in the marine bioresources value chain that can scale-up to market applications in different industries and help tackle global societal challenges.

3. The program’s network of partners, including entrepreneurs, global companies, investors, universities, research and technological centers and the scientific community, public authorities, among others, offers significant advantages to the participants, transforming research into products and startups into global competitive companies.


III. Business Ideas


1. Blue Bio Value aims at attracting entrepreneurs with innovative projects that represent a business opportunity along the value chain of marine bioresources, including, but not limited to, biotechnology-based projects.


By marine bioresources, we mean marine based bio materials and processes which are naturally and sustainably renewable and biodegradable, which include a wide range of technologies and elements such as biomass, biological treatment, bioenergy, biotransformation, bioremediation, among others.
We believe that the real technological revolution is the Biotechnology revolution, and as so the Program is particularly interested in solutions that use biotechnology to unlock the potential of marine bioresources for use as the basis of new products and services.


2. All businesses accelerated by the Blue Bio Value program must ensure a sustainable use of ocean-based solutions and help tackle global societal challenges.


3. The business ideas submitted should address a specific market need in an innovative way and should reveal global potential, being able to expand and supply growing markets.


4. The business propositions to be presented should comply with the following criteria:

a) Be based on a marine bioresource;
b) Use sustainable and responsible sourcing and/or production methods;
c) Preferably using high/deep (bio) technologies;
d) Preferably leading to high value/high tech-based products/services/solutions;
e) Targeted for the global market;
f) Preferably focused on circular bioeconomy.


5. We are looking for teams that:

a) Own a disruptive technology and have identified a new business opportunity;
b) Want to expand their products/services into new market fields;
c) Act as enablers of a new and innovative blue bioeconomy.

IV. Conditions of participation


1. Participation is open to projects, startups or SME’s with teams of a minimum of 2 (two) members. 


2. We recommend that at least two members of the team participate in the entire Program and one of them should be a founder. 


3. The elements of the startups or teams must be aged 18 or more.


4. The program is targeted for startups or teams of any nationality (lectures in English).


5. The program is targeted for startups at prototype or launch stages or above and/or teams with projects that can demonstrate high potential to rapidly scale up to viable market applications. Product/Tech or service TRL 5-7, on a level prototype, Minimum Viable Product or demo.


6. The candidates must highlight their experience, background and technical skills potential as well as demonstrate a high level of commitment and engagement.


7. The selected candidates will have to confirm their participation in the program by sending an e-mail up to 2 (two) business days after receiving confirmation of selection by the Organization.


8. Participation in the Blue Bio Value requires online attendance of the team in all bootcamps, in the Final Pitch Day as well as the delivery of all assignments given during the program.


9. The Organization reserve the right to directly invite pre-selected/identified teams/startups that are considered to be of added value to the Program and that could benefit from it directly.


V. Applications


1. Applications must be submitted on the website of Blue Bio Value ( by filling in the application form.


2. The application period will be open until 15th July at 11:59 p.m.


3. The application requires the submission of a business idea or solution that should comply with the criteria defined in “Section III. Business Ideas”.


4. After submitting the application form, the candidates will be contacted by the organization.

5. Additional information can be requested by the Organization to better evaluate the team and the project.


VI. Selection of participants


1. The Organization will select a short list of teams based on the submitted application forms and on additional information requested when needed.


2. The short-list of teams will be interviewed by the Organization via remote video-call.


3. During the interview, each team will have the opportunity to explain the project in a pitch of 5 (five) minutes and provide further information, followed by a 25 (twenty-five minutes) Q&A session with the Organization committee.


4. The founding members (for startups) or project coordinators (for teams with a project) must participate in the interview.


5. Additional contacts and/or interviews may be needed to better evaluate the team and the project.


6. Based on the application form and on the interviews, the Organization will select the teams that will participate in the acceleration program.


7. The teams selected to participate in the Blue Bio Value program will be informed via e-mail.


8. The evaluation of all applications is performed by the Organization Committee, which includes members of the Oceano Azul Foundation, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, FABSTART - Fábrica de Startups and Bluebio Alliance.

9. The evaluation of applications includes the following criteria: the contribution of the projects to the Program’s objectives; the compliance of the business ideas with the principles stated in article III (4); the skills, commitment and experience of the team; the business model potential and market-fit viability; the level and differentiation of the (bio)technology proposed; and the track record in terms of past funding and partnerships.    



VII. Dates


1. Blue Bio Value 2020 comprises 6 (six) phases:

a) Applications: until 15th July at 11:59 p.m.
b) Selection and interviews: between 16th July and 30th July.
c) Decision and communication of participants: 31st July
d) Bootcamps and Blue Bio Value related events: between 29th  September to 23rd October . 
e) Final Pitch Day: 29th October.



VIII. Bootcamp phase  


1. The Bootcamp phase includes 2 (two) days per week during 6 weeks’, that will take held online.


2. During this phase the teams will define, validate and adapt their business idea.


3. The work developed throughout the bootcamp phase is divided in 3 (three) parts:

a) The first part consists of lectures made by Fábrica de Startups’ official trainers and guests following Fábrica de Startups’ acceleration methodology: FastStart.
b) The second part consists of a presentation of the business model validation and adaptation that was carried out by the elements of each team on the previous sessions.
c) The third and last part will consist of mentorship sessions. The teams will have access to experienced mentors that are available to accompany each team during the Program. Mentorship sessions are held through online meetings. Each team is responsible to identify the mentors that they wish to address and establish contact with the mentors. 


4. During this phase, the BBV Team will organize keynote speakers and webinars in which the participation of the participating teams is mandatory. 



IX. Final Pitch Day


1. In the end of the bootcamp phase of the acceleration program, the teams will pitch their business to an audience composed by Oceano Azul and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundations’ boards; Bluebio Alliance executive board; Fábrica de Startups; investors; partners and collaborators; potential clients and industry partners; and other guests.


2. The Final Pitch Day will be held online on 29th October 2020.

3. The project pitch does not guarantee funding.



X. Evaluation and Final Prize

1. The Program will award the best startup or startups with a total prize corresponding to 45.000,00 Eur (forty five thousand euros), which the winners will be able to spend in the Blue Demo Network (link here).

2. Winners will also have the opportunity to come to Portugal in 2021 and make a Blue Innovation Tour through some of the best research and technological centers in Europe. 


3. The Blue Demo Network main goal is to promote and make accessible to startups a set of infrastructures and services focused on the blue bioeconomy, including laboratories, access to water (fresh, brackish and salt water), office spaces, support services such as legal advice, among other services and benefits.


4. The winner is chosen by the Program’s Jury, which is composed by the initiative’s partners and an independent member from PwC. The Jury is free to choose more than one winner and, in that case, the total prize is equally divided among the winners.


5. The Jury will take into consideration the following criteria: 

  • Performance throughout the acceleration program;

  • Attendance and engagement;

  • Tasks completed;

  • Mentorship sessions completed;

  • Business model potential;

  • Team;

  • Technology proposed;

  • Track record;

  • Performance at the pre-pitch event;

  • Performance at the final pitch day event. ​



XI. Disclosure


1. The Oceano Azul Foundation and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, reserve the right to use, one or more times and whenever considered necessary or adequate the materials produced by the teams that are not confidential in public events, media publishing in every format and reproduction for communication and advertising purposes, without any fee or financial compensation and without the need of previous authorization.


2. Under this agreement confidential information means any and all information, in any medium, which is provided by one party (“Discloser”) to the other party (“Recipient”) including, without limitation, information that is either (i) related to business practices, financial statements, financial information, pricing, vendors, resellers, methods, techniques, processes, and employee data; (ii) marked using a legend such as “confidential,” or similar words; or (iii) any information which Recipient should have reasonably considered to be confidential under the circumstances surrounding disclosure.


3. The confidentiality obligations established in this clause shall remain in force throughout the life of this Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program and for three (3) additional years after its termination. Each of the Parties undertakes to deliver to the other all confidential information it may hold, or which may be in the hands of its employees or collaborators, or to destroy such information on the reasonable and express instruction of the other Party in the manner requested, depending on how such information is recorded. Moreover, the Parties shall be obliged to certify that they have returned, deleted or destroyed all material in their possession in accordance with the preceding paragraphs and, therefore, to provide the other Party with assurances that it does not hold any copies of the confidential information, either in whole or in part.



XII. Copyright 

1. It is for each team to define who holds the rights over the presented and developed ideas and it’s each participant’s responsibility to secure the intellectual property rights on their ideas, if they so wish.


2. The Oceano Azul Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Bluebio Alliance and Fábrica de Startups, do not ensure the protection of the originality of the ideas, projects or concepts and will not be held responsible in case any of the ideas presented within the program is copied, imitated, plagiarized or in any way used by a third party.


3. The previous paragraph does not apply to all confidential information in accordance with the next paragraph.


4. The rights to intellectual and industrial property of the presentations made by Fábrica de Startups, as well as all the support documentation made available by it to the participants during the Bootcamp phase belong to Fábrica de Startups.


5. The participants are solely responsible for protecting their intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets, etc.).


6. The Blue Bio Value organization wants you to know that there are always certain risks involved in competitions of this nature in regards to intellectual property. Because the Blue Bio Value organization is not in a position to protect or advise you on your intellectual property rights, it does not take any responsibility for the disclosure of information provided by you in the application form. Please be aware that the Blue Bio Value organization does not require non-disclosure agreements or other confidentiality obligations from anyone involved in the process.



XIII. Responsibility


1. Oceano Azul Foundation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Bluebio Alliance and Fábrica de Startups cannot be held responsible for the cancellation, postponement or any change in the Bio Value Acceleration Program on any of its phases due to unforeseen causes or in cases of force majeure.


2. Under this Bio Value Acceleration Program it is considered as a force majeure any event or circumstance which is beyond the reasonable control of a Party which results in or causes that Party’s failure to perform any or all of its obligations under this Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program (including act of God, strike, lockout or other industrial action (not involving the workforce of that Party), war (declared, undeclared or threatened), terrorist act, riot, civil commotion, public demonstration, act of vandalism, explosion, or requirement of a Competent Authority.

XIV. Acceptance of the regulation


Participating in Blue Bio Value Program implies full acceptance of the rules in this regulation by the participants and the renouncement of complaints or appeals, legal or otherwise, regarding the course of events of the Program or any decision made by the Blue Bio Value Program Organization.
Participating in Blue Bio Value Program also implies the acceptance to be filmed and photographed and accept the usage of that materials to communication and marketing usage.


XV. General provisions


1. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel this initiative in circumstances of force majeure, this not implying a compensatory allowance to the applicants.


2. The participations that are considered fraudulent will be notified to the competent authorities, and may be prosecuted. Any unauthorized attempt of intrusiveness in the computing or communication systems supporting this initiative will be considered illicit and shall be notified to the competent authorities.


3. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to inhibit the participation of applicants that it considers to be competing fraudulently.


4. The Organizing Committee cannot be held responsible for any human or technical error that may occur during this initiative, and that is not committed intent or recklessness and disclaims any liability resulting therefrom.



XVI. Applicable Lex Forum

1. This Blue Bio Value Program and any non-contractual obligations arising out or in connection with it shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law.

2. In the event of any dispute the boards of directors of all Parties shall use their reasonable endeavors to resolve the dispute in an amicable way and any such solution that is agreed between them shall be binding upon all Parties.

3. Applicants accept that any litigation within the program will be submitted exclusively to the Civil Courts of Lisbon.



XVII. Privacy policy 

The entity responsible for data processing is Fábrica de Startups, with office in Avenida Marginal, Ed. Parque Oceano, 3º G, 2780-337 Oeiras, telephone 214 228 870, The processing of the personal data included in the application form for Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program will be used for purposes of commercial and marketing activities and organization of the project only. The user has the right and the duty to notify the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD), using the available means, whenever it considers that there has been a breach of privacy by Fábrica de Startups. The user can always contact Fábrica de Startups operations department to remove the information by sending an email to our official address:  with the following request: "Please delete and remove all personal information attached to my email address".

By applying for the program and sharing your contact information with us, you are accepting the Privacy Policy of Fábrica de Startups.

XVIII. Promoters and Partners

The OCEANO AZUL FOUNDATION is a Portugal-based Foundation with the purpose of contributing to the conservation and sustainable use of the ocean, notably with a view to:

  • Developing blue literacy and fostering the public's understanding of the challenges of ocean sustainability;

  • Contributing to the conservation of the oceans, promoting the value of biodiversity and the development of sustainable uses;

  • Contributing to a new system of governance of the oceans, guided by ethical values and based on scientific knowledge, as well as contributing to the development of an innovative, environmentally sustainable blue economy.​


The CALOUSTE GULBENKIAN FOUNDATION is a Portuguese private institution of public utility, which was created in 1956 in accordance with the last will and testament of Calouste Sarkis Gulbenkian. It actively pursues its statutory aims in the fields of the arts, charity, education and science in Portugal and abroad, including through its UK Branch and Paris Delegation. The Foundation promotes a wide range of programs and projects that contribute to overcoming particular needs in contemporary society and seek innovative responses to problems in the current world. The Blue Bio Value is supported by the Gulbenkian Sustainable Development Program which aims to promote the development of a society that is committed to future generations, environmentally responsible, economically viable and socially fair.

FÁBRICA DE STARTUPS is a business accelerator that aims to create new startups in Portugal. Our mission is to help people to become successful entrepreneurs. Using our own methodologies, we help them identifying business ideas, creating teams, designing the business model, finding customers and launching the company. FÁBRICA DE STARTUPS focuses on promoting entrepreneurship and supporting in the creation, validation, and internationalization of startups. It also conducts startup advisory programs.​

The BLUEBIO ALLIANCE is a national network that includes all subsectors of the marine bioresources value chain in Portugal. It ranges from raw material producers, R&D units, to biotech SMEs, transforming centers and manufacturers, public sector entities and support companies, up to the final consumer product developers. The BLUEBIO ALLIANCE aims at collectively organizing this value chain, to foster its relations and dynamics, leveraging its SMEs growth and accelerating their internationalization by increasing their outreach and exportations, leading to more jobs and value creation for Portugal.​