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The Program


Equipping researchers with the training and knowledge needed to begin to bring their academic endeavours to the market...

2020 marks the 1st edition of Blue Bio Value’s Ideation Sprints, taking place in several locations throughout Portugal, which facilitate the development of marine biobased ideas and projects, and bridge the gap between academic research and the market.

While Portugal has a thriving network of dedicated marine bio-based researchers developing innovative projects, the startup community surrounding this field is limited. Through the Ideation Sprints, we provide researchers with the training, knowledge and guidance needed to begin transforming their projects into sustainable businesses.

These Ideation Sprints can also serve as an introduction to Blue Bio Value’s Startup Accelerator, currently entering its 3rd edition, which brings startups and their sustainable solutions to the market.

Our ambition


Identify the challenges of the blue economy and facilitate the creation of multidisciplinary teams.


Approach real challenges and develop innovative solutions that will answer that specific challenge


Offer the specific tools for a perfect transfer of knowledge of the blue economy sector to the market.

Participants Profile

This is a national program for Portuguese students, researchers, professionals and entrepreneurs interested in contributing to a sustainable, blue economy.


This open innovation program is supported by FastIdea methodology by Fábrica de Startups. This set of practices and exercises, successfully used in Ideation Programs since 2012, walks participants through everything from initial challenges to new business solutions.

How it works

Fast Idea Bootcamps



The program is composed of three bootcamps running over a period of two and a half days (20 working hours). 



The program assists in the creation of successful solutions, with an emphasis on mitigating potential risks typically associated with building a new business.



The program is composed of a set of exercises that provoke more and better business ideas.



Each team will have access to all program materials all in one place - the Startup Box developed exclusively by Fábrica de Startups.


Bootcamp #1

Intro + Challenges and Teams Creation

Bootcamp #2

Problems and Solutions

Bootcamp #3

Final Pitch Day

Timeline and Locations


13 . 14 . 15



Info Soon

More info to be confirmed in the next few weeks!